Working model

Children welfare Foundation underscores the fact that helping is not simply a matter of dispersing money but of making a deep, long-term commitment and casting a hard eye on results. Under the Working model, Children Welfare Foundation identifies handholds and builds capacities of genuine grassroots NGOs to achieve accountability, sustainability, scalability, leadership. Through the Working model, Welfare Foundation makes an effort to broad base investment in order to maximize its reach and optimize returns by approaching and strengthening a large number of like-minded individuals and organizations globally.

Our Objectives

(i) To open, run and continue Vatsalya Griha for the children which shall include shelter, food, clothes, school, health care and hospital for the children of underprivileged sector and the needy children of the Society.
(ii) To open, establish and maintain Hospitals, of Specialty for the Children globally.
(iii) To engage efficient Doctors, Engineers, professors, teachers, Instructors, Technicians and experts to impart up to date instructions to pupils in modern science ,industrial vocations, Research Work in Medicines and Engineering and other subjects falling under the head technology pursuit of the objectives.
(iv) To offer and grant scholarships to deserving and talented students for Higher Studies in India and abroad in order to enable them to take to Research Work in Technological Studies
(v) To make arrangement for education aiming at the coordinated development of physical and mental faculties of the children with particular emphasis on character building.
(vi) To establish and maintain boarding houses and residential institutions if and when found necessary for giving effect to the declared purposes of the trust.
(vii) To grant scholarships to poor, hardworking and intelligent students to prosecute their studies for completing their courses of education.
(viii)To start and maintain institutions for training in Arts, Crafts, Culture and Literature and environmental studies for children’s rise in every field...
(ix) To provide and give medical assistance to the sick and disabled and specifically to those needy children & mothers so far possible suffering from any dreadful diseases specially in the period of superannuating ( Old Age ) for mothers , or struck by Natural Calamities like earth quake, inundation ( Flood ), drought , epidemics etc..
(x) To find and establish every possible way for the help of mothers and children anywhere in India and globally to fight against starvation and social injustice.
(xi)To do all acts and things for turning out children imbued with the ideas of the dignity of labor and respect for law with the capacity to earn independent living.
(xii) To work in the field of Social and Economic Transformation for sustainable development, Innovation, Meditation, Education, Self development nationally and internationally to achieve a sound national development in above fields.
(xiii)To act as a catalyst and facilitator to create a common platform for Government, Industries, Individuals and NGO's to work together to provide effective thought leadership.
(xiv)To raise funds nationally and internationally and route this funds to the different upliftment, rehabilitation, innovation, meditation, education and educative health programs of AIDS,CANCER,SOCIAL & COMMUNITY HEALTH AND MEDICINES, expansion and research in Medicines, Art and Literature through itself or through NGO's and individuals.
(xv) To route its funds for the maintenance and regeneration of Developmental Activities for revitalization and reformation of the Human Factor in development of the children.
(xvi) To publish papers of research on the children and mothers, their conditions and the way of their development and endeavors.