CHILDREN WELFARE FOUNDATION, inspired by the Gospels of Bhagwan Sri Ram Krishna Dev, Mother Sharada, and the clarion call of Jiva is Shiva by Swami Vivekananda, Children Welfare Foundation – a Public Charitable Trust for the welfare of Children and Mothers, registered under Trust Act, and also under 12AA and 80-G of Income Tax Act 1961; is submitting before you the appeal for help for CWF.


(a)- Eradicating as far as possible the appalling children misery in the country due to ignorance, illiteracy, ill health and abysmal poverty.

(b)- Creating Agencies cooperating with the Government in its efforts to usher in an era of full and adequate arrangement for food, raiment and shelter, and the primary needs of the children.

(c)- Equipping children globally for work suited to their taste and aptitude in order to enable them to achieve a measure of economic independence by their ability to earn a decent living.

(d)- Raising Moral standards by inculcating in the children high sense of duty, integrity, humanity and nationality.

(e)- Launching a comprehensive program by promoting dissemination of knowledge and growth of education in all the spheres in their different branches to enable the children to reach as soon as possible a stage of self generating economy leading to a faster expansion of employment potential.

(f)- Preparing grounds for raising subhuman standards of living.

(g)- Providing for them the benefits of advanced medical science, and proper education.